Have you ever heard anyone say: “My church is always asking for money.  I wish I could belong to a church that never needed any money.”

Surely they don’t mean that.  Any church that is alive needs money.  Only dead churches do not call on their members for support.  If anyone should accuse your church of always needing and calling for money, regard it as a compliment.  Invite this person to rejoice with you that you both belong to a live, going-concern of Jesus Christ, rather than to a dead and stagnant organization from which the glory of Christ has departed.

A church that is alive needs the liberal, sacrificial support of those who love it.  Only a dead church demands no sacrifice.

At St. Nicholas, we support a variety of ministries.  Like most small parishes, we struggle to make our budget each year, despite the sacrificial giving of our own parish family.

If you can, please consider making a donation to our general fund for expenses in 2013.  Donations can be made online through PayPal.  Just click the “Make a Donation” button!

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Interested in learning more about our parish budget?
Click the image below to see our
2013 Budget at a Glance.

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I would prefer to donate elsewhere.  Any suggestions?

Absolutely!  In 2012, we gave away $9,438 to charitable and humanitarian causes.  That amounts to over 10% of the offerings we received from church members  —  a tithe of our parish income!  As a parish, we attempt to do what we ask each individual family to do:  to live up to the biblical vision of giving away one-tenth of our income.  There is a summary of our charitable giving in the edition of our Weekly Wonderworker of January 6, 2012.  The column on Our Charities Fund includes links to some of the organizations that we give to as a parish.  To read the bulletin, click HERE.

May God bless your sacrificial giving!

stnicholasAlmighty God, who in thy love didst give to thy servant Nicholas of Myra a perpetual name for deeds of kindness on land and sea: Grant, we pray thee, that thy Church may never cease to work for the happiness of children, the safety of sailors, the relief of the poor, and the help of those tossed by tempests of doubt or grief; through Jesus Christ our Lord, who liveth and reigneth with thee and the Holy Spirit, one God, for ever and ever.