Episcopal Visit (Mothers’ Day 2011)

On Mothers’ Day 2011, we were blessed in two ways.  First, we hosted our annual celebration of the Mothers, Grandmothers, Aunts, and Godmothers of St. Nicholas.  And second, we welcomed His Grace, our Bishop Nikon, who presided over the Sunday Liturgy.

During the Liturgy, the Reader Chuck (Nicholas) Thornhill was blessed by His Grace to wear the subdiaconal orarion.  And it was a joy to bless the beautiful cassock made for Chuck by his wife, Francine.  Axios, Subdeacon Nicholas!  (Axios! means He is worthy! in Greek.)

During coffee hour, the Mothers of St. Nicholas were treated to a luncheon prepared by the men of the parish (led by John Klibansky).  The luncheon was hosted and served by the children of the parish!

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(Richard Johnson, photographer.)