Iconography Fund

The Fund at a Glance
.                        Anticipated cost of Phase I:     $33,800 (Already raised! Details below.)
.                  Contributions received in 2014:     $3,530
.                                     Last week (02/09/14):     $3,400

.            Anticipated balance at end of 2014*:     $16,487

.    (*Based on contributions received and pledges made. This represent the amount
.         available to begin Phase II, described below.) 

Phase I:  The Details
.        We have commissioned Anna Gouriev to complete “Phase I” of our iconography project.  Phase I will focus on the iconostasis and its flanking walls.  Anna is painting 10 new icons for the iconostasis, and for the upper walls to the left and right of the iconostasis she will paint a large icon of the Annunciation, in two parts.

The 10 icons for the iconostasis are as follows:

  • First row: (1) Christ enthroned, (2) Theotokos and Christ enthroned, (3) St Nicholas, and (4) Saints Mary and Martha of Bethany.
  • Second row:  A deisis with (5) Christ, Mary, John the Baptist, (6) Archangel Gabriel and the Apostle Peter, (7) Archangel Michael and the Apostle Paul (8) St John Chrysostom and Mary of Egypt, (9)  St Basil the Great and St Herman of Alaska.
  • Third row:  (10) The Holy Trinity

The Budget for Phase I is the following:
.         (1)  10 Icons for the Iconostasis = $20,000

.         (2)  Large Annunciation for the East Wall = $12,000
.         (3)  Installation & wall prep = $1,800

.         Total required for Phase I:  $33,800 (Already raised!)

Phase II:  The Sanctuary
.        Phase II involves work behind the iconostasis, where the altar table is placed.  This space is known as the sanctuary.  There is much wall space in the sanctuary, but Anna has suggested that we start with the east wall directly behind the altar table, known as the “High Place.”  She suggests that we start with two large images:

  1. Communion of the Apostles ($14,000 + installation)
    Example:  HERE
  2. Theotokos of the Sign ($8,000 + installation)
    Example: HERE

Phase III:  Looking ahead …  [more information forthcoming!]