On Sunday, July 14 2013, the parish will hold a special meeting to consider an iconography proposal by Anna Gouriev.  Approval of this proposal means that we will begin the (long) process of updating our parish iconography by replacing what we have with a more traditional style.

Our journey to this point has been prayerful and unhurried.  And on this page you can find portions of the written record which documents the work which has been accomplished to this point.

Some recent history
        The following represent excerpts from reports by the rectors of St. Nicholas since 2007, and do not represent all the voices that have participated prayerfully in this ongoing discussion.  These were offered for all to read as we prepared for our Annual Meeting in February 2013, where the proposal to renew parish iconography would be formally introduced (see newsletter of January 27, 2013).

.       2007:  Annual Report
2008:  Annual Report
2009:  • No file available, Fr. Mark delivered an oral report.
.       2010:  Annual report for 2010 (excerpt)
.                     • Report for 2011 priorities meeting (Oct 2010)
2011:  Annual report for 2011 (excerpt)
.                     • Report for 2012 priorities meeting (Oct 2011)
2012:  Annual report for 2012 (excerpt from DRAFT)
.                     • Report for 2013 priorities meeting (Oct 2012)
.                     • Report for 2013 priorities meeting (Nov 2012)

Iconographers Invited to Share Ideas (2012 – 2013)
In December 2012 and January 2013 we invited four iconographers to St. Nicholas to share ideas about possible ways to renew our parish iconography.  It was a joy to welcome Fr. Andrew Tregubov, Dmitri Andreyev, Alexander Gassel, and Anna Gouriev.  Each provided us with a great deal to consider and discuss, and each was very open and patient with our many questions.  Parish members were able to ask and explore the possible options, and to share opinions on whether and how to undertake any such change.

Annual Parish Meeting (2013)
At the Annual Parish Meeting in February 2013, the following proposal was approved without opposition:

  • That the iconography of the church be changed to a more traditional style, without major changes to the structure of the iconostas or stained glass windows. That such change be carried out in stages, over a period of time as funds in the Iconography Fund allow. That such change be of a consistent style throughout the sanctuary and nave. That the board/parish council be requested to seek proposals for an initial stage of work, consisting of changes to the iconostas and East wall; and to recommend an iconographer to be retained. Such recommendations to be presented to a special parish meeting within four months.

Formation of the Iconography Search Committee

.        To carry out the parish’s decision, an Iconography Search Committee was formed.  Volunteers serving on the ISC were among those who attended most of the invited talks in December and January, and each volunteer also agreed to travel and visit various churches to see examples by our candidate iconographers first hand.  The ISC also completed a “Request for Proposal” (RFP) which was sent to each iconographer.  Below you can read the ISC committee reports and other files of interest.

June 2013

        At its final meeting in June, the ISC recommended to forward the proposal received from Anna Gouriev to the Parish Council.  At its meeting on Saturday, June 15 (with Archbishop Nikon as an observer), the Council approved a recommendation to submit Anna’s proposal to the entire parish for approval at a Special Parish Meeting scheduled for July 14, 2013.

Anna Gouriev
Both sketches and examples by Anna are on display downstairs in the social hall for several weeks.  Here are additional links of interest